Speedb open source is a community driven project. We are building  a storage engine based on real-world requirements from developers. Speedb is a fork of Rocksdb and is continually rebased on RocksDB to maintain full compatibility. There are many RocksDB users around the world that need to modify this storage engine, sometimes with configuration changes, but also with code changes. We invite you to submit your PRs and include them in the Speedb open source project so you can keep getting the latest and greatest of both Speedb and RocksDB while enabling your changes to be processed as quickly as possible.  

Why did we publish our roadmap? 

The reason we published the roadmap is to support this vision of community involvement and progress. By making our  roadmap public, you can have influence on  this project now and in the future , making your voice count by voting on items. We believe that transparency builds trust and commitment, which are key points to the success of this project. 

As in other open source projects, we encourage you to open new issues with new feature requests, issues that you have found and send PRs including your code.

The Roadmap parts

The roadmap is available here:


The roadmap includes 6 sections:

  • Need your opinion 
  • Future 
  • Up for Grabs
  • Work in Progress
  • Researching
  • Shipped 

The sections were you can impacts are the following:

  • Need your opinion: This column contains feature requests and ideas we'd like to get feedback on in order to understand whether there's a wide demand for them.
  • Up for Grabs: This list includes items that you can take ownership on and contribute to the project by submitting a PR. These are usually items for beginners (if it has the “first good issue” label) but not exclusively.

  • Future: This lists all the items that we are planning to deliver, where nono one has started to work on them yet. How can you assist?? Vote for an item that you would like to have so we will prioritize it according to the demand, or let us know you are willing to work on an item by assigning it to yourself. You can also write your use-case and elaborate on how this can improve your application. This will help us adjust the solution to your needs. 

  • Researching: Items on this list are under development research. We usually check if there is a value in developing this specific feature. How can you help here? Tell us if you have any insight. Maybe you were checking these items before by yourself. 

The following sections are more informative: 

  • Work in progress: these items are currently in development and usually  targeted for the next release.
  • Shipped: Items that have already been released! This is your chance to check the code, try to use it and share your findings. 

Version cadence  - How often is the list updated? 

Our goal is to release a new version approximately every two months.

  • The version number will be based on the content and semantic versioning as described here
  • Any critical bug fixes will be resolved outside of the release cycle, in a patch release.
  • We rebase to a newer Rocksdb version every 2 releases. 

Before we start planning a new release we update the roadmap accordingly. Mostly moving items from “future” to “working on it”.  There are few considerations when selecting items to work on, and one of them is the community demand and needs. We would like to work on items that we know will make a change in your application and give an answer to your pain points. Help us understand what you need!

How to vote on items?

When we prioritize features, in addition to the capacity constraints of the Speedb development team, we also consider the amount of votes per feature. 

If you would like to vote for a specific feature, click on it and make a reaction to the description.

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