In today's cloud-centric world, where scalability, resilience, and distributed systems are more important than ever, choosing the right storage engine can make or break your application. For those accustomed to Speedb's performance and capabilities, there is good news: Speedb Cloud takes it to the next level by adding cloud-native features. This blog post aims to explore the unique features of Speedb Cloud and its benefits to developers and data architects.

Origin and Evolution of Speedb Cloud

Before diving into the benefits and features of Speedb Cloud, it's important to understand its lineage. As you all know by now, Speedb is a modern fork of RocksDB, the brainchild of Meta. RocksDB-Cloud, was originally developed by Rockset, which was founded by Dhruba Bortakur and Venkat Venkataramani who originally were key members of the RocksDB team. The Rockset team saw the opportunity to extend RocksDB's capabilities into the cloud. They took the core RocksDB engine and developed RocksDB Cloud, enhancing it with cloud-native functionalities like automatic backups, seamless scaling, and integration with cloud-based object storage like Amazon S3. The aim was to combine the robust performance of RocksDB with the scalability and resilience offered by cloud storage, which successfully runs behind the Rockset data platform.

Building on this technological foundation, Speedb took the opportunity to take RocksDB-Cloud and integrate its own set of unique features and optimizations. The result is Speedb Cloud, which brings the advantages of both RocksDB-Cloud and the unique value propositions of Speedb into a single, unified storage engine. It effectively merges the proven performance of RocksDB and the innovation around scalability and resource efficiency of Speedb, providing a cloud-native solution tailored to meet the demands of modern applications and data architectures.

Key Features

Automatic Backups

One of the standout features of Speedb Cloud is its automatic backup to cloud-based object storage. This means you can recover your storage state even after catastrophic failures, without requiring manual intervention for backup and recovery processes.

Data Sharing

Speedb Cloud allows multiple instances to share data through a common cloud-based storage. This enables more flexible and dynamic scaling options, as new instances can be initialized directly from the cloud storage, reducing the time and computational power needed for storage replication.

Seamless Data Recovery

Data loss is a nightmare for any storage system. Speedb Cloud addresses this issue by enabling seamless data recovery from cloud storage, reducing downtime and making your application more resilient.

Benefits to Developers

Simplified Operations

Speedb Cloud automates many of the manual tasks related to storage management such as backup and recovery. Allowing developers to focus more on the application logic rather than storage maintenance.

Performance Optimization

Speedb Cloud inherits all the performance optimizations from the core Speedb engine. Therefore, developers do not have to compromise on speed while enjoying cloud-native features.

Multiple Readers

One of the significant advantages of Speedb Cloud is its ability to enable multiple parallel queries to multiple database instances. This feature is particularly beneficial for read-heavy applications or analytics systems where high throughput for read operations is crucial. Multiple readers enhance the database's efficiency and make it more adaptable to varying workload conditions, offering an extra layer of flexibility in application design.

Benefits to Data Architects


The cloud-native nature of Speedb Cloud makes it an ideal choice for data architects looking to design systems that can grow along with the business needs without worrying about disk space. Speedb cloud enables the storage engine to grow indefinitely by storing data on S3. 

Fault Tolerance

Data is automatically backed up to cloud storage, providing an extra layer of resilience. This is especially beneficial for data architects aiming to build fault-tolerant systems.

What it means to you

Speedb Cloud brings together the best of both worlds: the performance of Speedb and the scalability and resilience of cloud storage. It simplifies storage management for developers, freeing them to focus on building great applications. For data architects, it offers a robust and scalable solution that can easily integrate with existing cloud-based infrastructure.

Whether you are a developer looking to optimize application performance or a data architect aiming to build a more resilient and scalable system, Speedb Cloud has something to offer.

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