Use cases

Most modern applications and databases rely on pluggable storage engines to manage CRUD (create, read, update, write) operations from memory to persistent disk. Speedb's key-value storage engine can be implemented across most applications and databases.
Below you will find some of the most common use cases for Speedb’s storage engine. Most importantly, integrating Speedb's embedded library is simple, and users can seamlessly replace their current storage engine to gain Speedb’s benefits. Where there’s questions or specific requirements, ping us to help!

RocksDB/LevelDB Upgrade

RocksDB: To upgrade RocksDB to Speedb, it’s a simple matter of cloning our library from GitHub and updating a link. Speedb is a 100% backward compatible, drop-in upgrade for RocksDB. Your application will not notice any difference, and no new settings, configurations or adjustments are needed. It’s as easy as a new library. We’ve designed Speedb for this purpose, making it as simple as possible to adopt.

LevelDB: There’s a simple upgrade path from LevelDB to Speedb. Many companies realize LevelDB’s limitations can be a cause for concern with heavier workloads that Speedb is specifically designed to handle. We’ll provide the needed support to get you there.

Key Value Store (KVS)

When it comes to making a choice to upgrade or deploy a new key-value store with your platform, Speedb is up for the challenge. Speedb uses simple Get, Put, Delete and Merge functions and can be easily integrated into any application or database that needs a persistent key-value store. Speedb is designed for the blazing metadata performance at scale, with highly optimized memory/CPU utilization. We have various native integrations, connectors and wrappers to help you get this done in minutes or hours with supported pluggable solutions.

Application, Database and Cloud Specific:

Most of the world’s most popular modern applications, databases and clouds utilize embedded storage engines, Speedb’s advanced key-value storage engine will seamlessly integrate with your projects and bring immediate relief. If you have challenges with IO operations and stability at scale, want to dramatically lower the required computing resources, or just engage with our world-class engineering team, we’ve got your back, even on the toughest of projects.

Application Streaming

If your application utilizes event streaming platforms such as Kafka, Flink, Spark, Splunk, Elastic or others, Speedb is a valid enhancement option to consider. Speedb enters when ingestion bottlenecks arise and need to be solved now, but mainly to allow your streaming apps to continue to scale on the same hardware with seamless results. Or, you just want your project to be prepared for the heaviest of storms in advance, which is just good planning.

The Metadata Explosion

The metadata explosion in modern data sets creates a significant performance bottleneck for most applications today, where existing storage engines are failing. Speedb has been specifically designed to handle massive metadata and gives efficiency gains of 10x or more in memory utilization and persistent storage utilization. Meaning, you don’t have to shard databases or data sets anymore. Speedb keeps your data on a single instance, costs under control and your applications humming along with any load.

General Use Cases

Storage engines play a critical role in data processing and retrieval across different domains and requirements. Speedb's key-value storage engine offers seamless integration and optimal performance, making it a versatile solution for various scenarios:
a. State Store
b. Heavy Ingest - Heavy Read
c. Streaming/Event Driven Apps
d.  Analytics
e. Time-Series
f. Social Platforms
g. Indexing/Caching
h. Messaging
i.  Search Engines
j. E-Commerce
k. Gaming
l. Blockchain
m. IoT