The next-generation key-value storage engine

Speedb OSS is a 100% RocksDB compatible drop-in library, enhancing stability, efficiency and overall performance.

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Speedb shows stable write performance compared to RocksDB

Speedb Improved memory management compared to RocksDB  

 Improved performance with mixed workload (50% write , 50% read)  

What we strive for

Resource efficiency

Optimized memory and resource utilization, supports better overall efficiency of storage engine layer.

Performance stabilization

Speedb stabilizes overall performance under heavy load, Eliminate memory related stalls  and hangs, achieve predictable, stable performance over times.

Active Community

A supportive environment for RocksDB/Speedb developers and users for expert advice, discussions, collaborations and contributions.

Developer Experience

Ease configuration and optimization of your storage engine together with  monitoring and reporting tools.

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