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Data Engine

We emerged from stealth mode and are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Redis.

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Speedb offers a drop-in replacement embedded solution for RocksDB, tailored to your hyperscale data processing needs.

SpeeDB enables RocksDB users to achieve:

More OP/S
Bigger Dataset
Less Resources
USA at night from space

“Speedb has demonstrated the ability to provide our customers an impressive performance and scale boost as their Redis on Flash deployments grow in size.

We believe the option of Speedb as the storage engine for Redis on Flash will offer a very attractive, cost-efficient solution for companies without sacrificing the speed expected from Redis”

Yiftach Shoolman
Co-founder and CTO


Instantly takes your data operations to the next level
Enterprise grade support services
Compaction method for I/O efficiency
Eliminates stalls and latency
Flow control re-designed to eliminate latency spikes
Grow infinitely on a single instance
No more sharding


Speedb is revolutionizing the Key Value Store (KVS) market by removing the capacity, scale and performance limitations of existing solutions.
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Take you hyperscale data operations to the next level with an embedded, next generation enterprise-grade data engine built from the ground up for write-intensive workloads.
Customer support and bespoke customization services to address use-case specific requirements.
Adaptive auto-tuning of the system parameters to ensure high performance for any workload.
Advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.
Replace your RocksDB with an enterprise-grade data engine built from the ground up for IO-intensive workloads.


Upload your logs and learn how speedb can boost your database capabilities
After uploading your logs, one of our engineers will be in touch to demonstrate how the Speedb data engine can address your data growth needs.
.tar.gz files only
OR Set up a call with one of our experts