The next generation key value storage engine

Speedb is 100% RocksDB compatible enhancing stability, efficiency and overall performance.

Join the Hive, Speedb’s open-source community, to interact, improve, and share knowledge and best practices on RocksDB.

Speedb is high-performance Key Value Store, designed to be compatible
with RocksDB

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Use Cases

RocksDB/LevelDB upgrade

Speedb is a compatible alternative for LevelDB and RocksDB users that would like to take their application to the next level

Streaming Applications

When using event streaming platforms like Kafka, Flink, Spark, Splunk, Elastic, or others, consider using Speedb to enhance its performance.


The increase in metadata in modern data sets is causing significant performance issues for many applications. With Speedb you can keep costs low and ensure your applications continue to run smoothly even under heavy loads.

Key-Value Storage Engine

When it comes to making a choice to upgrade or deploy a new key-value store with your platform, Speedb is up for the challenge.

Database & Storage

By seamlessly integrating Speedb's advanced key-value storage engine with your projects, you'll experience immediate relief

Key Benefits

Resource Efficiency

Optimized memory and resource utilization, supports better overall efficiency of storage engine layer.

Developer Experience

Ease configuration and optimization of your storage engine

Performance Stabilization

Speedb stabilizes overall performance under heavy load, Eliminate memory related stalls  and hangs, achieve predictable, stable performance over times.

Active Community

A supportive environment for RocksDB/Speedb developers and users for expert advice, discussions, collaborations and contributions.

Reduced Write Amplification

Reduced write amplification by factor of x5

High Performance at Scale

Eliminate the Performance degradation when the data set is > 50GB

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