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Speedb is led by seasoned technology and business executives who bring decades of experience at leading storage and data management companies

About us

Speedb was founded to revolutionize the data management world by storage veterans that recognized the limitations within existing data storage technologies at the core level, so they created Speedb, a drop-in replacement for RocksDB embedded storage engine. Speedb's mission is to help companies evolve  their hyper-scale data operations with limitless scale and performance without compromising storage capacity and agility.


Adi Gelvan
Co-Founder and CEO
With over two decades of management, commercialization and executive sales positions, Adi specializes in leading global software technology companies like Infinidat and SQream to outstanding growth. Adi holds a double academic degree in mathematics & computer science.
Hilik Yochai
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Mathematician and scientist in heart, soul and academic background. During his 35 Years’ experience in developing enterprise software technologies, Hilik held leading research positions in companies like Infinidat and EMC, with track record of technology innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Hilik holds over 100 patents in storage software.
Mike Dorfman
Co-Founder and Chief Architect
From his academic days in the Hebrew University and throughout 25 years of experience in building enterprise systems, Mike is an expert, innovative software architect. Mike held senior architect positions in global technology companies such as Infinidat and Cadence, building solid foundations to technology and operational excellence. Mike Holds over 20 patents in storage technologies.
Guy Meir
A storage and data veteran with over 20 years of experience in both startups and corporates in a unique mixture of pre-sales, product, technical and evangelism roles. Guy's storage, data and databases multidisciplinary experience provides a unique capability to connect between high-level architecture and detailed low-level designs and between technical needs and business solutions.

Hyperscale performance

Address your current and future hyperscale data management needs with the next-generation storage engine that provides high performance at cloud scale

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