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We are revolutionizing the key-value database market with a next-generation data engine featuring state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures. We work in a flexible hybrid model in an environment that fosters trust and respect.

DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer at Speedb, you will be part of a growing DevOps team. You will play a critical role in building and managing SpeeDB cloud-based platforms. Your responsibilities will include defining to implementing cloud-based infrastructure, orchestration frameworks and container technologies, security and networking, contributing and improvements of our development-cycle. The role requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in a broad range of areas and technologies including Linux,  CI/CD, cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP), infrastructure as code, databases - both SQL and nonSQL, networking and much more.

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Professional Services Engineer

The Professional Services Engineer builds environments, runs benchmarks, generates reports, understands and can investigate the logs, tweak and configure the product.They will get our customers to a point where they can realize value from the product. Our focus is on meeting our customers’ needs and use cases.

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Junior C++ Software Developer

  • You will design, test and implement features and tools
  • You will maintain existing code by fixing bugs
  • You will deliver high quality and well-structured code
  • You will work alongside our engineers who guide you as you incrementally learn more about our backend stack.
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Senior C++ Software Developer

  • Plan, design and develop complex backend features
  • Collaborate with the open source community and contributors to improve and advance the product
  • Collaborating with stakeholders in the organization - product, QA, Sales.
  • Solving problems for customers and users
  • Implementing algorithms
  • Troubleshoot system issues, provide quick and thorough solutions
  • Contribute to the development of a state of the art storage engine.
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Open Source Community Manager

  • Grow, collaborate with, and help manage Speedb’s open source community
  • Engage with key stakeholders and manage community meetings on a regular basis over a variety of channels (chat, forums, webinars, office hours, conferences, etc)
  • Review, curate, and prioritize user feedback from tools like Github, Slack and various other community forums
  • grow the developer and contributor community for the project. A key part of the community manager job will be the recruitment and maintenance of corporate partners to work on the project
  • Maintaining community health, conflict resolution, identifying flash points in community discussions and heading them off, and if the need arises, taking action to ensure that the community conforms to and respects the community's code of conduct (which the community manager is usually responsible for introducing and maintaining).
  • Be the voice of the community within Speedb to drive awareness of community needs and inform our product development roadmap
  • Collaborate with marketing to promote the project and grow the user base. Including representing the project publicly at conferences, writing or recruiting others to write articles about the project for blogs, podcasts, online news sites, and print media as well as giving presentations to spread the word about the project.
  • ensure that Speedb’s website contents reflect well on the project, and help new users with their most basic questions—what is it, why should I care, where do I get it, and how can I use it.
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