Introduction: Speedb, the leading key-value storage solution, has unveiled an enterprise-level RocksDB technical support program, filling a critical gap in the industry. This initiative aims to provide robust support and optimization services to organizations relying on RocksDB for their mission-critical applications.

RocksDB: A Key-Value Storage Engine

  • RocksDB, maintained by Meta (Facebook), is a widely used key-value storage engine ideal for data sets requiring persistence on SSDs.
  • Initially derived from Google's LevelDB, it has become a cornerstone of hyperscale strategies, particularly at Facebook.
  • RocksDB is preferred for real-time applications and operates as an embedded library within databases and applications.

Challenges Faced by RocksDB Users:

  • RocksDB is vital in mission-critical enterprise applications, but no formal enterprise support mechanism has existed.
  • Even large organizations like Microsoft, Google, Airbnb, and others face challenges with bug fixes and feature updates, often relying on small platform engineering teams.
  • The absence of guaranteed support can pose risks for organizations deploying critical applications with RocksDB.

Speedb: The Enterprise Standard for RocksDB

  • Speedb, a 100% compatible RocksDB replacement, has received feedback from the community about the need for enterprise support and optimization.
  • It has launched a technical support program to cater to this demand, addressing the concerns of organizations, regardless of size.

Speedb's Technical Support Offering:

  • Speedb offers two versions: Enterprise with comprehensive technical support and Speedb OSS, supported by the community on Speedb's Discord channel.
  • It promises SLAs for technical support response times, ranging from 2 hours to Next Business Day.
  • Speedb's expert engineering team can address a wide array of technical issues, configurations, and bug fixes.
  • In cases where RocksDB bugs can't be merged by Meta, Speedb's fully compatible version provides a solution, eliminating future risks.
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Unlocking the Benefits:

  • Speedb's support program provides access to a secure support portal, expert engineering assistance, and the opportunity to test and deploy Speedb's OSS and Enterprise versions.
  • The experienced engineering team can analyze RocksDB logs to enhance performance, increase IOPS, reduce latency, and improve the overall RocksDB experience.

Contact Speedb Today:

Speedb is committed to empowering organizations relying on RocksDB with top-notch technical support and optimization services. Discover how Speedb can turbocharge your environment and ensure stability in your RocksDB deployments. Visit our website for more details.

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