XM Cyber

During its Speedb deployment, XM Cyber also discovered hidden opportunities for improvement, such as improving read performance when large volumes of deletions exist. Backed by a scalable, highly performant storage engine, the XM Cyber engineering team has been able to move forward with other breakthrough new technologies, knowing its architecture can better scale and guaranteeing it’s promise of secure protection to its global enterprise customer base.

“By using Speedb, we can now deliver powerful attack simulation techniques that were not possible due to RocksDB memory bottlenecks. We have achieved between 8.7 and 10.2x greater performance, giving a new option for our customers to scale seamlessly. Moreover, we’re spending less human resources addressing RocksDB issues - time that allows us to focus on providing better products and services than ever before,”

- Yaron Shani, Tech Lead, Senior Cyber Security Researcher at XM Cyber

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