TechTarget - Speedb data engine brings key value store to open source

The startup looks to provide a competitive alternative to RocksDB by building out its data technology and community of developers with a move to an open source methodology.

Open source

Speedb said it is moving to an open source model for its data engine technology.

The 2020 startup raised $4 million in a seed round of funding in December 2021 to develop its key value store technology aimed at being a drop-in replacement for the open source RocksDB project.

RocksDB is among the most widely deployed key value store technologies and was developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2012. Speedb's goal is to provide easier scalability and better performance than RocksDB. It's a goal the vendor had been pursuing with a closed source technology.

Speedb is now changing its direction and is beginning to embrace an open source model, though the vendor will continue to offer a closed source enterprise edition with additional performance features...

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