In this episode, Emily Omier and Adi Gelvan, Speedb CEO, explore moving from a proprietary to an open-source strategy. From pros and cons, pushback from team members, and mistakes along the way, listen to hear how Adi and his team handled those challenges and more.


  • Adi introduces himself and Speedb (0:47)
  • Why speedb decided to switch to open source and the changes they made to do it (2:28)
  • Adi reviews the pros and cons of open source for Speedb (8:34)
  • How Adi and his team handled the pushback on the decision to move to open source (12:43)
  • Adi’s top two mistakes in making the transition to open source (15:04)
  • Surprises Adi encountered in switching to an open source strategy (16:38)
  • Adi shares his advice for someone thinking about switching from closed source to open source (19:22)

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