Would you drive a brand new car with an old engine?

The world revolves around data

However, existing database architectures are based on data engines that were not built for today’s massive, hyperscale data operations.
Are you sure?

Speedb has developed a revolutionary Log-Structured Merge tree data engine that supports:

Petabyte-scale dataset with no shards
Billions of objects while maintaining high performance
Low hardware requirements
RocksDB Compliant


Speedb wrote 50% less while doing twice as many user operations

higher performance at lower hardware

Speedb on i3.2xlarge (25% cost) vs RocksDB on i3.8xlrage

higher performance

Get 60% more performance at 25% of the cost

Your Engine to Scale

Speedb enables RocksDB users to achieve an order of magnitude higher capacity, scale, performance, and cost savings without making any changes to applications and their underlying data infrastructure.
Offered as an embedded Key Value Store (KVS), Speedb Data Engine is a drop-in replacement for RocksDB tailored to address the hyperscale processing and management needs of modern data architectures.

By replacing RocksDB with Speedb, customers gain immediate access to a range of benefits, including:

Improve write amplification and eliminate I/O hangs on writes while optimizing resource footprint.
Reduce management overhead by allowing applications to run on a single database.
Minimize CPU and memory usage to handle more data and achieve scalability while reducing storage and networking costs.
Free developers from having to constantly deal with sharding, database tuning and other time-consuming operational tasks, so they can focus on delivering real business value.
Support services and bespoke customization to meet use-case specific requirements and achieve faster time-to-market.


Key Benefits

Take your hyperscale data operations to the next level without making any changes to your existing data infrastructure and code.
Free developers from worrying about sharding and other time-consuming tasks so they can focus on delivering real business value.
Optimize performance for user operations and improve customer experience by eliminating user-side stalls and minimizing user latency.
Vendor support services and bespoke customization to support use-case specific requirements and achieve faster time-to-market.

Key features

New compaction method that dramatically reduces write amplification for large scale LSM and eliminates I/O hangs.
Eliminate the need for sharding by allowing you to grow unlimited on a single instance while maintaining low memory consumption.
Revolutionary indexing method that supports the storing of index together with data for extreme performance at scale to achieve faster time-to-market.
Flow control redesign to optimize memory utilization and eliminate spikes in user latency.


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